An AudioSound represents a "one-shot" playback method for Meta_AudioBuffer nodes.

Activating an audio sound spawns a new internal audio source and doesn't stop any previous instances from playing. This type of node is used for short, repeatable sounds.

Public Types

enum IDX

Property index.


link - Meta_AudioBuffer containing the audio data we want this sound to play


bool - When set to true, starts playing the sound and instantly resets itself to false on the next update. This allows multiple instances of this sound to overlap if activated more than once, but this must be done over multiple frames due to the delay on resetting to false (e.g. using vrYield in Lua)


float - Volume; 0.0 is silent, 1.0 is 100% volume, 2.0 is 200%. Clamped at 2.0.


bool - When true, positional audio is relative to the listener (i.e. Camera), otherwise it is positioned in its world location.


RelativeTo (int) - For relative mode, whether to use the parent Assembly world or local transform.



Values for Idx_RelativeTo.


0 - Use the parent assembly world transform to position the audio relative to the listener (Symbols - C: "RelativeToWorld", Lua: __AudioSound_RelativeToWorld)


1 - Use the parent assembly local transform (Symbols - C: "RelativeToLocal", Lua: __AudioSound_RelativeToLocal)

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