Welcome to the Visionary Render Programming Guide! This guide will teach you how to interact with Visionary Render by writing code. It covers the following topics:

  • Scripts

  • Plugins

  • Shaders


See the Visionary Render User Manual if you wish to learn about general usage instead.


This guide serves as both a user manual and reference manual. It has the following sections:

  • User Manual

    • Getting Started - describes basic topics like using the script editor and creating a plugin.

    • Architecture - documents the API data structures and includes a diagram of the various systems.

    • Best Practices - outlines some best practices for working with the API.

    • How To - provides tutorials and code samples for implementing Lua scripts and plugins.

    • Advanced Topics - describes advanced topics like semantics and coroutines.

  • Reference Manual

    • Changelog - lists the changes made to the API between different software versions.

    • Contents - lists the contents of the guide with brief descriptions of each page.

    • API - lists the functions provided by the API, grouped by category.

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