Provide a Lua Function

Demonstrates implementation of a plugin function that can be registered in the script environment.


Native plugins can register functions to be called from Lua. Currently these can only be registered in the global table, and cannot replace existing functions of the same name.

This is done using VRFFIRegister.

static HFFIVar multiply(int argc, HFFIVar* argv, void*) {
  return VRFFIMakeDouble(VRFFIGetDouble(argv[0]) * VRFFIGetDouble(argv[1]));


  VRFFIRegister("SpecialMultiply", &multiply, 2, nullptr);

  return 0;
In the above example, our new multiply function can be used directly in the Lua console or in any script event:

print(SpecialMultiply(5, 5)) -- prints 25
Lua plugins do not need to perform any registration - any non-local functions implemented in a plugin module are automatically available.

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