Namespace containing a collection of helper functions for simplifying reading of C++ objects out of the C API (e.g. strings, etc)

Core API functions.

Functions for interacting with the scripting engine inside VRTree.

General functions such as creation and deletion.

Functions for managing Properties on metanodes.

Listing of metanode structures, describing their purpose and listing their property index and any other supplementary enumerations.

Functions for defining metanode migrations.

Callback registration functions for observed node events.

Functions for accessing node Properties.

Functions for operating on the node structure of the VR Tree.

Assorted utility functions.

Defines the data types used for object handle parameters to API functions.

Defines the function prototypes used for registering callbacks with the API.

Flags that can be applied to some API operations.

Input and output operation flags that can be passed to the ioFlags parameter on VRLoadTreeEx and VRSaveTreeEx.

Input and output operation flags that can be passed to the builderFlags parameter on VRLoadTreeEx.

Flags that control the level of API error reporting. These can be combined.

Error codes that might be set if an API function fails, assuming the log level is something other than VRTREE_ERRORLEVEL_NONE.

VR Exchange API functions.

Defines an interface for plugins to implement in order to be loadable by VRTree.

Utilities to assist in plugin authoring, provided by the vrtree-linker library.

Functions and types available to Lua plugins and the Visionary Render events system / script console.

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