Update the Loading Screen

Demonstrates progress messages and progress bar percentages.


When a plugin is performing a long operation, such as importing or exporting, Visionary Render enters a progress state, where the loading screen becomes visible. While this screen is visible, plugins may update it to keep the user informed of their progress.


Native plugins are given the yield function when they are initialised, if they export a VRPRegisterProgressYieldProc called VRPRegisterProgressYield. This function recieves a VRPProgressYieldProc which should be stored for the lifetime of the plugin.

Native plugins using the vrtree-linker library and its VRPLUGIN_API_STDIMPL macro may call progress_yield, which has automatically been connected to the yield function provided to the registration function.

Lua plugins do not need to perform any registration and may call vrProgressYield.


Whether native or Lua, the yield function takes the same arguments:

  • A progress value

  • A maximum value

  • A message

The progress value represents the current progress, out of a total specified in the maximum value. When these are non-zero, the loading screen displays a progress bar. If a message is provided, it replaces what was previously displayed on the loading screen. Otherwise, the message currently on the screen remains present.

Lua may omit the values and provide the message as the first parameter to vrProgressYield, if no progress bar is required.

It is important that long operations yield regularly to keep the application responsive and keep the user informed of the progress.

  progress_yield(0, 0, "Importing objects..."); //update the message
  for(size_t i = 0; i < nObjects; ++i) {
    progress_yield(i, nObjects); //update the loading bar progress without changing the message
local function import(...)
  vrProgressYield("Importing objects...") --update the message
  for i, v in ipairs(objects) do
    vrProgressYield(i, #objects) --update the loading bar progress without changing the message

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