Meta_ViewFilter's are associated with Views, and correspond to a full-screen quad being drawn over the View executing a fragment shader function.

The shader can sample the current contents of the View's colour and depth buffers (among others) as it goes. Examples of filters: colour grading, depth-of-field, screen-space ambient occlusion, screen-space reflections, screen-space atmospheric scattering, night-vision goggles.

Expected Implementation Details:- When the Shader property changes (or when the SourceCode property of the linked Shader changes) any new arguments in the linked shader will be copied over to this ViewFilter as children, allowing the user to override the defaults in the Shader.

Public Types

Values for Idx_BlendMode.


No blend mode (Symbols - C: "BlendModeNone", Lua: __ViewFilter_BlendModeNone)


Alpha blending (Symbols - C: "BlendModeAlpha", Lua: __ViewFilter_BlendModeAlpha)


Additive blending (Symbols - C: "BlendModeAdd", Lua: __ViewFilter_BlendModeAdd)


Multiplicative blending (Symbols - C: "BlendModeMultiply", Lua: __ViewFilter_BlendModeMultiply)

enum IDX

bool - whether or not to apply the filter to any views it's attached to


link - a link to a Meta_ViewShader instance


BlendMode (int) - controls how shader output is blended with the framebuffer contents.

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