A Group is a method of grouping other nodes together.

Group Structure:

A Group can contain any number of child Meta_GroupMember or Meta_Snapshot nodes, and a Meta_MetaDataInt for every metanode represented by one or more group members.

A Snapshot can contain any number of child Meta_GroupMember nodes, each with the member node copy as a child, and a Meta_MetaDataInt as a child of that.


  • Group

    • GroupMember

    • GroupMember

    • MetaDataInt("Assembly")

    • MetaDataInt("Visual")

  • Snapshot

    • GroupMember

      • Snapshot:Assembly

        • MetaDataInt (validity mask)

    • GroupMember

      • Snapshot:Assembly

The internals of the snapshot consist of metanodes created on demand to allow copies of nodes to exist without invoking the overhead of actor resource allocation. The metanodes are prefixed with "Snapshot:".

There is not currently a way to create these metanode derivatives programatically.

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