Metanode that contains a basic description of what a property is intended to be used for. e.g. Is it a colour (for a vec4f property), or a file (for a string property). This can be used as the node which is attached to the meta-metanodes with the semantics macros, or attached to anything else that needs some hints for a user interface.


Helper object for constructing a range of two vector objects.

Public Types

enum @12

The type of property For Image/File/FileSave - a Windows formatted file filter string with \0 replaced with | For link properties - the names of metanodes that this property is allowed to link to (e.g. Visual::Model can only link to "Model" nodes)


Whether this property should be user-editable The range of values - 8 doubles to accommodate ranges up to vec4 min/max (stored in doubles, even if it's an int property). Use the Range helper and setPropertyValueData to set this property. It's 8 doubles because that is less overhead than two nodes "min, max" + their respective value properties. If max == min, there is no range (no edit should be done with ReadOnly, not a zero-sized range)


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