A MaterialArgument defines an argument for a Meta_MaterialParameter.

The actual argument value is added as a Meta_MetaDataNNN child, or indirectly references a property of the parent StdMaterial of the IRayMaterialInstance using the definition the parameter belongs to. NOTE: PropertyName is meaningless until used under a StdMaterial/IRayMaterialInstance node pair.

Public Types

enum IDX

Property index.


Source (int) - where the value of the argument should come from.


string - the name of the StdMaterial property to use if Source==Source_Property

enum Source

Values for Idx_Source.


From the definition default argument.


From a constant stored as a Meta_MetaDataNNN child of this node.


From a property of the StdMaterial parent of the IRayMaterialInstance. Which property to use is specified in the "PropertyName" property of this node.

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