A VertexAttrib node contains raw data describing a collection of vertices.

The name of the node describes its usage:

  • pos - Positions, 3 floats per vertex

  • nrm - Normals, 2 floats per vertex

  • tan - Tangents, 4 floats per vertex (xyz=tangent, w=handedness (+1 or -1)

  • col - (Deprecated - use diffuse)

  • diffuse - Diffuse vertex colour, 4 floats per vertex

  • ambient - Ambient vertex colour, 4 floats per vertex

  • emissive - Emissive vertex colour, 4 floats per vertex

  • tex0 - Texture coordinates (sampler 0), 2 floats per vertex

  • tex1 - Texture coordinates (sampler 1), 2 floats per vertex

  • tex2 - Texture coordinates (sampler 2), 2 floats per vertex

  • tex3 - Texture coordinates (sampler 3), 2 floats per vertex

The number of vertices specified in each sibling VertexAttrib should be the same (e.g. if there are 100 vertices in pos, there should be 100 vertices in any other nrm, tex0 etc).

Public Types

enum IDX

Property index.


bool - When enabled, these vertices are available to the mesh


int - Number of floats per vertex (should be set according to the list of types above)


vector - The vertex data (e.g. for positions: x0,y0,z0,x1,y1,z1,x2...etc)

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