Defines limits that can be applied to constrain an Assembly's transform values.

The transform is decomposed into Translation, Rotation and Scale elements each having 3 axes. The constraint then applies simple rules to these values.

For the mask bitset there are 27 bits, For each of Translation,Rotation,Scale each axis has a bit for:

  • Locked -> The axis value may never change

  • Limited -> The axis values may vary over the range defined in corresponding Min/Max value the Limits array

  • Stepped -> The axis values will only ever be integer multiple of the corresponding Step value in the Limits array

For the Limits float array, for each of Translation,Rotation,Scale each axis has the value for:

  • RangeMin -> The smallest this axis value can be

  • RangeMax -> The largest this axis value can be

  • Step -> the size of step increments

Lua may construct this mask using vrBitsToInteger

Public Types

enum IDX

Property index.


int - Bitmask containing transform limits


floatw[27] - Values corresponding to enabled mask bits

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