A Library provides an organisational structure for assets such as models and materials in a scene.

As well as tree structure, this node also allows its contents to be saved out to disk as a separate VR file, which allows its contents to be shared among multiple scenes, as well as reducing the amount of data saved while saving a scene that has not modified the library contents.

Public Types

enum IDX

Property index.


bool - When enabled and coupled with a Filename, this Library is saved as a separate VR file on disk when the scene is saved


string - Name of the library file relative to the parent / scene document directory. If extensionless, the extension of the parent file is used. For example, geometry/library will save a library file in the geometry subfolder (creating if necessary), using whatever extension the parent scene is saved with (e.g. VRNative)


bool - Automatically enabled whenever anything inside the library changes. Can be enabled manually to force the library to be re-saved when the scene is saved.


bool - When enabled, the archive library file becomes read-only, meaning changes are not saved back out. This has no effect if Archive is disabled or Filename is blank.

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